About Us

Company EXOL d.o.o. has been present on the market for many years, first as one of the biggest and most prominent importers and distributors of motor oils in Serbia. Since 2001, relying on the trust and confidence which we have gained with our regular customers and consumers over the years, but also relying on the vast experience and knowledge we have acquired about motor oils, we have started the production of our own original brands – EXOL oils and lubricants.

Today, EXOL d.o.o. has a wide portfolio of our own recognizable brands which have positioned themselves strongly in the market, it employs over 20 people, has its own rolling stock and an operative distribution network all over Serbia.

We have achieved all that by following a simple formula – our primary motto is the quality of our products and our main aim is the satisfaction of our clients and consumers. We strongly believe that is the business objective which guarantees success, so we are very confident that we are going to grow and develop even stronger in the future.


Financial Statements

  1. Confirmation of the National Bank of Serbia on the receipt of the financial statements for 2008.
  2. Notes to the separate financial statements for the 2008.
  3. Independent Auditor’s Report